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If you have a health/medicine website or mailing list, you can get more traffic on your website and make some extra money when you become an affiliate of eMedicalRecs.com.

There are millions of people contracting services online every day, and you can be part of it. If you have a web site, you can make money by becoming an affiliate of eMedicalRecs.com. It’s easy to apply, and if you’re accepted you may be earning money in no time!

Basically, for every client that come from your website and contracts our services, you instantly get a 30% commission. All you have to do is place one of our banner ads in your site and, if any visitor that comes from your site places an order within 30 days, you'll get your commission.

That's all you have to do. Our Sales Department will send all the information to the client and provide all necessary support in completing the transaction. When a visitor contracts the eMedicalRecs.com services through your web site, we take care of everything. We’ll process the order, setup the account and take care of customer service.

You will get online statistics of all orders made from visitors coming from your website and all commissions earned.

In addition, each time the client renews his or her subscription, you will continue receiving your commission. In other words, you will continue receiving your commissions while the client has a paid account in eMedicalRecs.com.

That's everything you have to do. The client can try our service for free and our Sales Department will answer all his questions.

Fore more information, we invite you to read the FAQ's page and if you agree with our Terms and Conditions, sign up now !!!

If you are already an Affiliate of eMedicalRecs.com, go to the Login page to get your statistics, banners and personalized information.

Would you prefer to offer eMedicalRecs.com as an additional feature of YOUR website?

In that case, through a simple Co-branding method and taking advantage of the eMedicalRecs.com design, you can do it, without your visitors leave your website.

We have prepared
Example 1 and Example 2 in order to explain how it works. There are many more options.

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