eMedicalRecs.com is a medical practice management system, designed for all health professionals (physicians, secretaries, etc), regardless of their medical specialty, that will allow you to store, to consult and to update the medical records of their patients, at any time and from anywhere in the planet.

In addition it will be able to register the payments received by each patient and make reports about earnings an commercial transactions.

As well as several websites offers web-based email services, to read your email in any computer of the world connected to the internet, eMedicalRecs.com gives you the ability of doing the same with your medical office's information.

In addition, if you have several doctors working for you, or sharing the same medical office, or you have some medical company offering medical services, with eMedicalRecs.com you will be able to get reports for each one of them.

Although all patient information is stored on our servers, secure and confidentially, the information belongs to you: anytime you will be able to download all the information stored in the system to your computer, and it will be available for you to see it with the most common programs, without internet connection.


Patients management, including personal information, insurance, etc.
Patients treatments and procedures managements through 2 different ways:

  • If you usually work with a procedure codes list, you just have to enter the procedure code. In this case, you have a feature to import your procedure codes list, the first time you access our software.
  • Plus, you are able to write a text description for each procedure or treatment (including a price)
Appointment Book, configurable, including Tasks List, Contacts, Diary , and additional notes.
Several views: daily, weekly, yearly.
Ability to add multiple calendars for each doctor or medical ofice, for example for multiple doctors or specialties.
Appointment Book can be accessed independently, for example for medical offices with independent call center.
Medical and Administrative Alerts for each patient to be completed with text. NEW
Medical and Family History for each patient to be completed with text. NEW
Record of medical prescriptions, for each patient.
Record of additional comments, for each patient.
Record of payments received, from each patient.
Simple patients search, using their code or part of their name.
Of course, at any moment, the consultation of all stored information for each patient.
For each patient, automatic balance updating when recording procedures (adding) or payments (substracting)
Secure encrypted connection to access the information
  • Patients Balances
  • Received payments between determined dates and, eventually, by patients belonging to certain insurance.
  • Procedures made between determined dates and, eventually, by patients belonging to certain insurance.
  • Patients List according their recall (or next visit) date NEW

Clinical Reasons
Need to share data
Improve quality of care
Improve efficiency
Improve clinical data capture
Remote access to records
Clinical decision support
Improve patient satisfaction
Management Reasons
Need to share data
Keep the information unified and up to date, every time from anywhere
Competitive advantage
Document for billing
Reduce costs
Manage contracts
Minimize loss of money due to data management and mistakes
Maximize earnings

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eMedicalRecs is a web based medical practice management software,
for doctors, clinics, medical offices, medical records.